Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Welcome to Mandala Coloring Pages! There are a lot of free printable Mandala coloring Pages/Sheets, even free Mandala wallpapers and screensavers here.

Some peole are thinking mandalas are just beautiful geometric designs or concentric diagram. But actually, they are much more. Those mandalas are heavy into Buddhism and Hinduism.Blivers in Buddhism and Hinduism pray in front of the mandalas as a ritual as same as an images of Buddha in their daily life, and they fell spiritual things.The wonderful geometric designs of mandalas are showing anyting of this world.

Coloring mandalas are little bit difficult for kids because of the level of detail like...many parts of them are so small. Coloring them is more suited for grown-ups rather than little kids. And especially, you need to use fine-tipped markers or coloring pencils to get into the small spaces.
Anyway, please try to color a mandala you picked up, and complete it.You can used it as an aid to your meditation.

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