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Welcome to Free Elmo Coloring Pages! You can get a lot of free printable Elmo coloring pages, wallpapers and screensavers here.
I know every toddlers love Elmo on the children's television show Sesame Street.Elmo is a lovable fuzzy red monster with large white eyes. And he has an orange nose,and his falsetto voice sounds like qute.

You know,coloring pages will help with improving your kids'creativity, color awareness, eye-hand coordination and picture comprehension.

I found out Elmo coloring pages a lot on the internet and attached those links which will take you to Elmo coloring pictures on this page.I think these coloring pages are fun and useful for your kids. It' s very easy to color Elomo as same as snowman or penguin.

If you want make an Elmo coloring book for your kids for free, download a lot of coloring pages from those links and print them out. And just staple them,OK?
Get your crayons, colored pencils or markers soon!
And don't forget watching Elmo's World on Sesame Street,too.

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Free Elmo coloring pages
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