Free Dora the Explorer coloring pages

You can download free Dora the Explorer coloring pages here.Please chose your favorite Dora coloring pictures!Get out your crayons and enjoy coloring them with your friends.

<About Dora>
That Dora is a little cutie girl. She's so great because she gose on exploring trip to find something and teachs little ones those information all the time.
And kids enjoy to learn something from Dora.She also teachs children Spanish.Yeah,Dora is also bilingual.

We could learn so many things from her. She sees everyone equallyand mainly good.Dora is very kind and openly loves her family.And she enjoy sports and music.She loves soccer and is also quite the musician.She is good at playing the wooden flute.

I attached following sources of Dora Coloring Pages. I would like to recommend these sites and hope these are useful to you.You can download these printable Dora coloring page files and print them out.So you can make your own Dora coloring book!I hope you enjoy it.
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Printable free Dora coloring pages
This link is a google images of free Dora coloring pages.You can choose any pictures and use them only for parsonal use.
Printable Dora coloring pages
Free Printable Coloring Pages - Dora Coloring Sheets
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Free Printable Coloring Pages
Dora the Explorer
Dora Coloring Pages
Dora's Pirate Adventure Coloring Book
Dora the Explorer free printable coloring pages