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Blatz coloring pictures are so popular among kids.You can get free coloring sheets and enjoy coloring with your friends.Let's go to printable online coloring pges.

Jade・・・Jade's character is spunky and fun-loving,but sometimes she shows carefree attitude.And she loves fashion and music.So,she likes to put music into her homemade fashion shows.

Yasmin・・・Yasmin is a kind of go-to girl who likes to show,not tell.She likes to enjoy reading fantasy books and surfing on the net for news and what's going on this world.She not only have strong opinions but also she can listen to others.And she likes to organize charity events at her school.

Cloe・・・She's imagining the time she'll be a superstar all the time.Beside, she's thinking being a movie star or a singer star isn't not good enought to her.And she respect female athleres who became superstars.

Sasha・・・Saha loves music and want to be a big rock and roll star scientist.She can play any instrument and loves to sing songs .Beside,she can write songs!And she spend time to conduct science experiments when she do music thing.She's a fashonable girl and glamorous like Jade.On the other side, she and Yasmin make the charity events at school.She's a go-to girl when you got a trouble.

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